Solutions for Satellite Internet Providers


Satellite Internet providers deliver a vital communications service to a growing worldwide market: from household and business broadband in rural or remote areas, to specific verticals including airlines, maritime operators (e.g., cruise ships, offshore oil and gas operators, fishing, shipping), and industrial/remote sensing, and more.

Recent advances, including high-throughput satellites (HTS) and a growing number of satellites in service, dramatically increased the capacity and extended the coverage for satellite providers, creating new opportunities for customers and providers alike.

However, the satellite Internet ecosystem is complex and multi-layered, and the access technology creates specific challenges for those who participate.

At Sandvine, we work with customers who represent all layers of the satellite Internet ecosystem, as they bring Internet services to markets that are unreachable for other access technologies.

Solutions for Satellite Internet Providers

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We’re proud to count among our customers consumer and business Internet providers like Xplornet, network operators like SITAONAIR, and many other satellite owners and operators.

Deploying our solution in a satellite network is easy, and lets the Internet provider take control of their network like never before.

Success Story: SITAONAIR Brings Quality Internet Experiences to 30,000 Feet

SITAONAIR, a European mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), provides satellite Internet services to a number of airlines, allowing passengers to use their wireless devices en route. Passengers enjoy the convenience of connecting with friends and family and keeping up with events while cruising at thirty thousand feet.

But to ensure everyone has a good experience, the satellite bandwidth must be carefully shared between all the service’s users, and that’s where Sandvine comes in.

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Popular Solutions for Satellite Operators

While our customers rely on us to satisfy a wide range of use cases across a number of solution areas, our satellite customers often focus on:

Business Intelligence

Learn how Internet customers are using the network, monitor their quality of experience for vital applications and services, and examine aggregate trends to identify new service and optimization opportunities.

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Traffic Optimization

Maximize the quality of experience to get the most out of the available bandwidth and beam capacity by accelerating TCP, precisely managing network congestion, and enforcing fair use policies.

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Subscriber Services

Grow revenue by creating and launching new services that tap into real-world subscriber interests.

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Of course, many of our satellite customers also implement our cyber security, subscriber engagement, and business services solutions—taking advantage of the full range of solutions available on our network policy control platform.

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