GCI is an Alaska-based company providing voice, video, and data communication services to residential, commercial, and government customers. Since its founding in 1979, GCI has grown to become a premier integrated telecommunications provider.

The Challenge

GCI is a local company going up against the likes of Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and a number of smaller service providers.

Since GCI operates a converged network, any competitive strategy must be achievable across a range of access technologies, and without introducing burdensome overhead (e.g., billing integration challenges, management of multiple separate platforms, etc.)

The Solution

To compete in the marketplace, GCI has chosen a strategy of out-manoeuvring and out-innovating their rivals. And they’ve executed on this strategy spectacularly well; in fact, GCI’s list of achievements is quite remarkable, and puts them at or near the forefront of the world’s most innovative telecommunications providers. This list includes:

  • TurboZone: GCI’s mobile subscribers can get even higher speeds at WiFi locations around the state
  • MyUsage App: GCI is one of a handful of Internet providers in the world who provide real-time usage updates to their subscribers—the MyUsage app for Android and iOS devices shows a subscriber’s data usage in real-time, so there are no surprises
  • Data Top-Ups: when subscribers approach a data limit, they are given the option to simply top up their data allowance for the rest of the billing cycle
  • Shared Data Plans: GCI became one of the first mobile data providers in the world to offer shared data plans

The Sandvine Platform, with its integrated quota manager and universal policy control capabilities, provided GCI the perfect platform with which to drive these innovative services.

Success Story: GCI Delivers Shared Usage Plans

GCI successfully competes in a crowded marketplace by consistently being the first to market with new subscriber services. In this example, GCI used Sandvine’s Quota Manager to create group shared plans that provide mobile data access for up to ten members across any combination of mobile device.

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Success Story: GCI Keeps Subscribers Up-To-Date on Data Usage

GCI knows that informed subscribers are happy subscribers, so they introduced an app to keep subscribers up-to-date on their mobile data usage.

Available for iOS and Android devices, this app provides quick and easy access to a subscriber’s mobile data usage through easy-to-read charts and graphs.

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Alaska, United States
Access Technologies
2G, 3G, Cable, LTE, Satellite
GCI provides fixed and mobile data services for consumers, businesses, and government facilities across a converged multi-access network.

"Sandvine’s intelligence layer has helped propel our network capabilities so our customers can use the latest devices on the largest and fastest data network in Alaska."

Ronald Duncan

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