Sandvine is committed to ensuring that its Internet traffic-management products are not misused to prevent the free flow of information or to interfere with democratic processes.

Traffic management products such as Sandvine’s are vital to ensuring reliable and secure Internet service around the world. These products include blocking and filtering technology that are used to protect networks and subscribers every day from billions of malicious Internet transactions linked to illicit and illegal activities such as child pornography, human trafficking, terrorism, and the spread of malware. These traffic management products are not intended to thwart human rights or to block the free flow of information. Rather, they are designed to do the opposite – to clear the way for individuals to receive quality access to information worldwide without the impediment of illicit or illegal content.

Sandvine has established a Business Ethics Committee ("BEC") whose responsibilities include valuating potential sales of Sandvine products to ensure a high integrity of use of its traffic-management products in all spheres of the world. Among the factors that the BEC takes into account in deciding where to sell – or not to sell – its products and services are the following:

  • Whether a potential customer is located in and operating from a country that is committed to free access to the Internet;
  • The human rights record of the country in which a proposed customer is located or operating;
  • Whether the country in which a potential customer is located or operating is subject to economic sanctions or trade restrictions imposed by the United States, Canada, or other relevant governmental authorities; and
  • Whether a potential customer or its affiliates are subject to sanctions or trade restrictions imposed by the United States, Canada, or other relevant governmental authorities.

Sandvine's policy is to investigate all reports of potential misuse of its products to perpetuate human rights abuse. Please click the button below to report alleged product misuse to perpetuate human rights abuse to assist us in investigating and taking appropriate action.

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