Sandvine’s Business Ethics Committee (BEC) was established to ensure that any sale of Sandvine products and services related to Regulatory Compliance use cases are reviewed to determine the risk of our technology being used in a manner detrimental to human rights. The BEC uses the World Bank index to measure these four key factors in doing business in any country:

  • Voice and Accountability - reflects perceptions of the extent to which a country's citizens are able to participate in selecting their government, as well as freedom of expression, freedom of association, and a free media.

  • Political Stability and Absence of Violence/Terrorism - reflects perceptions of the likelihood that the government will be destabilized or overthrown by unconstitutional or violent means, including politically-motivated violence and terrorism.

  • Rule of Law - reflects perceptions of the extent to which agents have confidence in and abide by the rules of society, in particular the quality of contract enforcement, property rights, the police, and the courts, as well as the likelihood of crime and violence.

  • Control of Corruption - reflects perceptions of the extent to which public power is exercised for private gain, including both petty and grand forms of corruption, as well as "capture" of the state by elites and private interests.

Any sale of Sandvine products and services related to Regulatory Compliance use cases to a country that has low World Bank indices based on the above metrics must be approved by the BEC and a certificate of compliance must be signed by the reseller and/or end user acknowledging that they will not use the technology to violate human rights based on the Regulatory Compliance use case(s) deployed. 

Sandvine takes the use of our technology seriously. I am committed to ensuring that Sandvine maintains the highest level of ethics and integrity in our activities in the marketplace. To that end, we encourage Sandvine employees and interested third parties to report any suspected breaches of a signed Sandvine Certificate of Compliance or breaches of Sandvine’s End User License Agreement (EULA) with sufficient supporting evidence to Sandvine’s BEC at for investigation. All reported concerns will be reviewed and appropriately actioned.

Lyn Cantor   Lyndon Cantor,
President and CEO of Sandvine