Application Provider Ecosystem

Over the years, we’ve helped create and power the Internet’s most innovative subscriber services, many of which involve differentiated charging for individual applications and categories of applications.

In our experience, we’ve seen that rolling out these great services is often slowed down unnecessarily by commercial and technical hurdles. Without these hurdles, CSPs can rapidly introduce new services, application providers benefit from increased exposure, and subscribers get more service options.

In short: we know that when CSPs and application/content providers work together, great things happen for everyone.

And that’s why we created the Application Provider Ecosystem: we want to bring together application providers and CSPs.

The Application Provider Ecosystem is designed to accelerate the collaboration of application/content providers with CSPs to enable rapid execution on mutually beneficial business opportunities such as new subscriber services, sponsored connectivity, revenue sharing agreements, or even quality of experience guarantees.

Application providers who join the Application Provider Ecosystem work directly with Sandvine to pre-integrate with our platform to ensure perfect accurate recognition and secure charging integration, usage reconciliation, identity management, and fraud prevention.

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UPDATED : 2017-05-17 11:42:06