About Active Network Intelligence

Network intelligence is defined by industry-leading analyst group Gartner as:

"Network intelligence (NI) is an enabling technology that allows communications service providers (CSPs) to capture subscriber-, service- and application-level awareness contained in network traffic. This information is analyzed and exposed for integration with other applications in the back office, allowing CSPs to apply granular policies to influence customer experience and adapt to dynamic shifts in application and service usage. The solution is based on nonproprietary hardware and software platforms and can be used by CSPs on any network."

Sandvine's existing data enablement within Network Intelligence is distinguished by our ability to provide contextual Network, Access Technology, Service, and Subscriber awareness across all network traffic. This  comprehensive visibility delivers a strong foundation of data enablement to feed Big Data projects seeking to reduce CAPEX and OPEX spending as well as increase profitability.

Sandvine unleashes the potential of networks with Active Network Intelligence

Sandvine doesn't think that the current market for Network Intelligence goes far enough. Our unique value is being able to close the loop between identifying issues and the actions taken to rectify network issues, connecting the "capture" in Gartner's definition to the "apply policies" portion of the definition. Unlike other solutions on the market, Sandvine's Active Network Intelligence sits in-line on the network, and continually identifies and reacts to changing network and user behavior to improve network performance. This single vendor capability can be deployed today across multiple solution verticals, and is building towards achieving the automated network nirvana of the future.

Our Active Network Intelligence solution is composed of four key technology components:

  • Visibility: combining Control Plane, Data Plane, and User Metadata to provide comprehensive traffic visibility
  • Identification: Classifying traffic as voice, video, data; distinct by application; and detecting the device type for accurate and granular traffic identification
  • Behavior: Understanding the changes at the network, user, and service level to determine the traffic behavior
  • Action: Block, Manage, Modify, Monetize, or Steer traffic based on the desired network service level actions.

Sandvine's solutions can be deployed embedded in a CPE; at the edge, core, and peering points in a carrier network; or in the telco or private cloud, and operated as embedded software, on purpose-built hardware, virtual on COTS, or in a cloud environment to maximize deployment flexibility and minimize CAPEX and OPEX.

  • "Sandvine offers lots of chances and opportunities to explore and share knowledge. This is the best place for those who are keen to learn new things on regular basis."

    Dan in Waterloo, Canada, Corporate Communications.

  • "Our decision to partner with Sandvine was based not only on the company’s international reputation for excellence in the field, but on our similar ethics of constantly introducing innovative solutions and upcoming features like Network Function Virtualisation."

    Saleem Al Balooshi, EVP of Network Development and Operation at du.

  • “Sandvine’s platform is a great fit for our NFV-driven architecture,”

    Derek Peterson, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of Boingo Wireless.

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