In this video, John Morell, the director of Enterprise product and portfolio management at Sandvine, talks about the changes in the application world and how they impact your network.

This video highlights the challenges of managing modern and super apps that draw much more bandwidth than ever. Watch this informative video, as John talks about the limited visibility and blind spots in your network that can prevent you from seeing what's happening, making your networks far more complex to optimize. In addition, it discusses:

  • The importance of having greater observability, better control, and identifying and analyzing newer-age malicious traffic on your networks.

  • The need to manage your network based on application and user criteria to help control your costs, optimize your network, and increase the ROI on your existing investments.

  • How Sandvine's Enterprise Solutions can help you overcome these challenges and achieve these goals.

We invite you to watch the video and learn more about Sandvine's Enterprise Solutions. We designed our solutions to help you manage your network more efficiently and effectively while delivering a high-quality experience to your users.