Sandvine Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Applications have become more complex and sensitive to network issues. Expectations on the service provider to deliver is now higher than ever. Consumers expect more today and are not shy to complain and blame quickly when issues arise. And these days they are more likely to churn silently. Hence, operators need the right tools to quickly and accurately measure, and assess the delivered Quality of Experience (QoE) by the network for any given application.

Applications are the network - their complexity and sensitivity to different network conditions along with their variation has an immediate effect on subscribers. They either raise quick complaints or churn due to poor "network" performance over a long period. This directly affects an operator's bottom line.

Sandvine’s Performance Monitoring and Analysis (PMA) software module is designed to give service providers near real-time visibility, and a historical view of how their network is delivering applications to users across the network.


With Performance Monitoring and Analysis, you can:

  • Go above and beyond traditional network metrics and implement application-centric QoE scoring capability
  • Monitor Application Health – record accurate subscriber count, QoE score, average throughput, packet loss, latency per application, per subscriber and many other metrics
  • Utilise a location based network overview with drill down capability
  • Analyse network trends – a long term network health view

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