Sandvine Capacity Planning Analysis

Customer demand for data and data-heavy services is constantly increasing. Service providers need to make informed decisions to improve capacity and customer experience. Capital expenditure burdens on operators remain significant and they need to make the right decisions about capacity planning and network engineering.

Service providers typically determine the following three metrics before deciding to add additional capacity to the network:

  • An estimation of peak bandwidth
  • The level of quality that a resource is delivering
  • The potential savings that exist on the network from deferring an upgrade decision
While these metrics are useful, they aren't effective, as capacity planning requires visibility and granular detail into what is happening on the network.

Sandvine’s Capacity Planning Analysis (CPA) software module offers service providers unmatched visibility into network traffic and trends, measuring all traffic, all the time, across all subscribers with the highest degree of granularity.


Capacity Planning Analysis allows you to:

  • Understand over capacity and under capacity network assets
  • Identify trending network assets and location performance
  • View trends on application and service impacts to understand subscriber behavior on your network
  • Analyze key QoE metrics to make informed decisions before taking actions to measure the impact to the end subscriber

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