Sandvine 5G Adoption Analysis

5G networks are being fully adopted across the world and remain one of the few sustaining investments in today’s market. This adoption is driven by the wide number of 5G-capable devices on the market and the promise of better reliability and speed.

The full transition to 5G however is complex. There are still elements of different mobile generations on the same network and multiple options available for a new 5G network deployment.

To meet 5G promises and expectations, Sandvine's 5G Adoption Analysis (5GAA) software module gives operators visibility into the penetration of subscribers, the devices they use, and the ability to track QoE on different radio access types.


5G Adoption Analysis enables:

  • Service Innovation: Increased revenue by creating, implementing, assuring, and optimizing innovative 5G consumer and enterprise services
  • 5G Transition: Ensured business continuity and profitability by smoothly transitioning services and managing traffic across multiple networks
  • Automation: Facilitated automation and implemented innovative use cases via cloud native advanced NWDAF – Sandvine’s Service Intelligence Engine

2023 5GAA Webpage graphic

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