Product Overview

Sandvine’s TCP Accelerator allows network operators to dramatically improve network efficiency and quality of experience (QoE), without making changes to the network infrastructure.

TCP Accelerator addresses the main issues associated with TCP, including the incompatibility of bandwidth availability and TCP speeds. It also addresses the inefficiencies caused by multiple concurrent TCP connections by transparently bridging the access network with the transit network; it is in a position to manage all the network’s TCP connections as a collective whole.

By adding Sandvine’s TCP Accelerator to the network, operators can reap the following benefits:

  • Increased Network Performance: Higher ratio of goodput to throughput, better resource utilization, reduced retransmissions, and extended legacy infrastructure lifetimes.
  • Improved QoE: Faster data transmissions and increased application performance lead to measured and consistent QoE, which tends to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Rapid Return on Investment: More efficient resource utilization defers capital and lets access network resources run ‘hotter’ without compromising QoE.