The Global Internet Phenomena Report January 2024

Sandvine’s 2024 Global Internet Phenomena Report takes a new look at internet phenomena using AI-driven application identification, classification, and content categorization engine, AppLogic, to discover and visualize the phenomena that characterize today’s broadband networks.

For the first time, we are measuring Application Volume, Application User Volume, and Application Popularity, doing more than ever to show the impact internet applications have on network resources and on subscribers’ App QoE.

Using anonymized, aggregated data from tens-of-millions of fixed and mobile network connections globally, combined with AppLogic AI/ML propensity and prediction models, Sandvine’s 2024 Global Internet Phenomena Report helps to inform and improve decision-making around Operations Management, Capacity Planning, Fair Usage and Congestion, Cyber Threat Management, Video QoE, Gaming QoE, Usage-Based Services, and new monetization opportunities

To get a snapshot of some of the report’s highlights, watch this video Q&A with Sandvine CTO, Alexander Haväng, and Sandvine VP of Sales, Bill Basquin, as they discuss some of this year’s key findings with Susana Schwarz, head of Sandvine Analyst Relations and Public Relations.

Why Sandvine’s 2024 Global Internet Phenomena Report is a ‘First-of-its-Kind’

Sandvine CTO Alexander Haväng describes new data, new methodology, and new visualizations in this Q&A with Sandvine Media and Analyst Relations Manager Susana Schwartz.

Listen to why this report is the most useful yet, with per-user, per-app user, and app popularity breakouts of data, and deep dives into 14 App Categories and 11 Content Classification Categories that expand your knowledge of not only the internet’s volume, but also its composition and features.



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