Network users have high expectations for application performance from today’s networks, creating a need for operators to have clear insights into user experience. In order to manage quality, it is imperative to understand network-level performance of critical services and applications.  Network Performance Monitoring and Analysis delivers a historical and real-time view of how well the network is delivering services and applications.

It delivers metrics that matter, including user quality of experience (QoE) scores with detailed transport measurements for application-aware performance information, which is critical for identifying trends impacting network experience. Optional, real-time capabilities enable network operations teams to proactively understand, troubleshoot, and respond to network application issues quickly before users are impacted.

By implementing Network Performance Monitoring and Analysis, operators can improve QoE and create competitive differentiation, potentially gaining market share, reducing churn, and increasing profitability.


Use Cases

Performance and Operational Monitoring
Proactively troubleshoot problems in real-time by monitoring service performance and quality indicators
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Performance Analysis
Understand how your network is delivering services to subscribers
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