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Managing heavy usage is an ongoing set of activities, always coming back to analysis to determine where and why the problem is occurring, and then using the right method at that time to tackle it.

Sandvine makes this process more effective by leveraging application and network intelligence capabilities, which creates a strong visibility foundation for managing heavy usage, preventing further QoE degradation.

It specifically addresses the various causes of heavy usage with a variety of tools to suit the intended goal. It employs Sandvine’s sophisticated congestion management capabilities to handle heavy usage with surgical precision. By using this solution, heavy usage can be managed, improving QoE for all and increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

Managing Heavy Usage on an ongoing basis

1. Distill heavy usage impact on network by volume

2. Determine the cause of heavy usage (i.e., application, behaviors, locations, etc.)

3. Dictate heavy usage detection thresholds

4. Define and configure policies for managing heavy usage

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