Enterprise Observability and Analytics

Applications have become magnitudes more complex, with fusions of video, voice, chat, and other content in the same flow (i.e., geolocation, GPS tracking, payments). Sandvine’s Enterprise Observability and Analytics provides a single source of truth about increasingly sophisticated networks, applications, and end users. Application and user-aware visibility drives contextual insight about which applications are business critical, and which content within those applications is latency sensitive, helping NetOps teams surgically deliver faster speeds and higher bandwidth when and where it is needed – and all the while using existing network resources.

Combining real-time visibility with historical views, the solution accurately measures network performance to reveal whether applications are supporting critical business processes and business-critical applications that keep employees and end-users productive and happy.

Sandvine’s Enterprise Observability and Analytics provides:

  • Interactive Network Troubleshooting - Review network performance by service and location to help diagnose network problems
  • Network Quality Monitoring - Leverage Sandvine’s Scoring technology to identify network quality hotspots
  • Breadth and Depth - View aggregated insights from network-wide key performance indicators to granular location (or slice), subscriber, plan/tier, and device-specific measurements
  • Contextual View of Delivered QoE - Regardless of access technology, converged network and application performance is correlated based on QoE relevant metrics


With Enterprise Observability and Analytics, enterprise NetOps teams can:

  • Go above and beyond traditional network metrics and implement application-centric network observability and QoE scoring capability
  • Monitor application health by recording accurate user counts, QoE score, average throughput, packet loss, latency per application, latency per user, and many other metrics
  • Utilize a location-based network overview with drill-down capability
  • Analyze network trends and gain a long-term network and application health view

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