Enterprise Cyber Threat Analysis and Management

Leaders of all enterprises and institution know the devastating impacts a cyberattack can have on customers, employees, reputation, and revenues. Mitigation and recovery will be critical as more devices come online, and as more people expect seamless and consistent experiences across all of their preferred applications and access networks. Additionally, M2M, the IoT, and the burgeoning Metaverse are going to further expand the number of entry points for potential threats.

Sandvine’s Cyber Threat Analysis and Management use case leverages the core capabilities of Sandvine’s ANI platform to provide robust network visibility and contextual awareness so that Cybersecurity teams can track and identify all assets connecting to a network. It supplements existing security infrastructure by allowing security teams to identify and manage threats at an application level and inside network traffic patterns, while providing comprehensive analytics and real-time protection against cyber threats. 

The solution extracts Cyber Threat Indicators from the CrowdStrike threat database, and detects and mitigates volumetrics and connection-related DDoS style attacks. It also executes on real-time mitigation policies that block malicious attacks and protect data and users from a range of network threats and malicious traffic.


There are many benefits to using Cyber Threat Analysis and Management:

  • Detection and classification of threats
  • Malware classification
  • Threat location mapping
  • Top threats
  • Threat trend dashboards
  • Impacted user and application dashboards

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