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The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is the engine of the Internet. Due to its ubiquitous use in video streaming, web browsing, file transfers, communications, and other application types, TCP typically represents 85% to 90% of fixed access Internet traffic and as much as 96% of mobile Internet traffic.

Customers are demanding more. More streaming channels, more live events, and more interactive apps—all over more connections and devices.

Networks are under extreme stress, and service providers are taking a fresh look at root causes that weigh down their networks’ ability to perform. Many who have overlooked TCP’s shortcomings as a delivery protocol are now considering how to better manage and accelerate their TCP-based traffic.

Please join us for a practical and clear discussion of how TCP’s deficiencies are undermining the ability of today’s largest networks to perform significantly better and deliver higher quality services. Kai will also suggest a proven way to move forward so that providers can get the utilization and performance that they should expect from their TCP-based networks.

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