On-demand webinar | Packet Intelligence Briefing Series:
“WiFi Networks – How to Measure Congestion and Deliver Quality” (#4 of 12)


The Packet Intelligence Briefing Series is designed to highlight and describe today's leading packet intelligence use cases for operators.

WiFi has become a critical extension of both cellular and fixed networks. Customers now expect their WiFi experience to be as good, or better, than their mobile experience. Network operators recognize these rising customer expectations and are increasing their focus, and investment on providing a better quality of experience from their WiFi assets.

This recorded webinar was hosted by Dan Geiger, Senior Director Solution Marketing and Thomas Vasen, Senior Director Product Management where they cover the best practices for delivering better WiFi network service quality and customer experience from Procera’s existing deployments, and the different use cases that you can deploy today to enhance your competitive differentiation in the market.

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