Standards & Interfaces

Plug-and-Play Network Policy Control in Multi-Vendor, Multi-Access Networks

For communications service providers (CSPs) looking to increase revenue, optimize capital investments and reduce operational costs by deploying network policy control, Sandvine’s breadth of standards compliance and interface support provides many benefits.  It is through standards and interfaces that our platform and solutions interact with the greater network ecosystem, and it is only by supporting such a broad range of each that we can confidently state that our network policy control solutions and platform are truly network-agnostic.

Future-Proofing Your Network and Subscriber Services

As capital budgets are squeezed, it is important that infrastructure provides a long functional lifetime. Sandvine’s network policy control equipment supports:

  • Legacy needs: every network includes older systems that continue to deliver value and can’t be overlooked
  • Today’s requirements: today’s networks are transitioning to standards including 3GPP, Policy and Charging Control (PCC), DOCSIS 3.0, IPv6 and LTE
  • Tomorrow’s standards: the future brings changes both known (carrier-grade NAT on gateways) and unknown, and your network and subscriber services must function correctly in either case

Standards to Support a Range of Functions

In the broadest terms, our support for standards and interfaces can be grouped into six functional areas:

  • Subscriber Awareness: our platform knows the subscriber profile and active session information, each of which are critical to ensuring policies are applied accurately
  • Subscriber Management and Provisioning: our deployment maintains a real-time inventory of subscriber entitlement by accepting inputs from OSS/BSS and providing updates to those same systems based on measured subscriber behavior
  • Subscriber Notification: we provide push and pull mechanisms for subscriber notification, including direct HTTP-based methods (e.g. captive portal, redirection, watermarking, frame insertion) and indirect methods (e.g. SMS, email)
  • Policy Charging (Online): we enable PCC-based operators to implement pre-paid use cases built on measuring usage by rating groups and managing usage through standards-based interaction with Online Charging Systems (OCS)
  • Policy Charging (Offline): we enable PCC-based operators to implement post-paid use cases through standards-based interaction with an Offline Charging System (OFCS), including charging reconciliation and operator-configurable UDRs
  • Policy Enforcement: remotely enforce policy on subscriber data traffic either by interacting with a PCRF (in a PCC environment), advanced RADIUS AAA servers or PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM) endpoints

Extended Functionality to Extend Your Possibilities

3GPP DiagramIn addition to the support outlined above, Sandvine has adopted an “embrace and extend” philosophy regarding standards; the functionality available to you frequently exceeds that defined by the official standard.

Interoperable in Any Network

With networks growing increasingly complex and delivering richer, more personalized subscriber services, it is vitally important that your network policy control solution is interoperable in any multi-vendor, converged network environments. Satisfying this critical requirement, the Sandvine platform is:

  • Vendor-agnostic: ensuring solutions operate correctly, regardless of the vendors present in the network
  • Technology-agnostic: ensuring solutions operate correctly, regardless of the access technologies in place
  • Plug-and-play: ensuring solutions operate without excessive configuration

Intelligent NAT Integration

This paper explores Sandvine’s approach to enabling modern Layer-7 use cases with full subscriber-awareness in the presence of NAT and overlapping IPv4 addresses through seamless integration.

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Standards-Compliant Online Charging

This paper details how Sandvine’s online charging architecture complies with 3GPP standards.

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