Technology Overview

Enabling Unique Solutions with Differentiated Technology

Sandvine is committed to innovation through investment in research and development. Our track record of industry firsts is a source of pride, and our feature breadth is unmatched. Our customers get earlier access to a wider range of tools and more powerful capabilities, giving them the agility and versatility to out-maneuver their competition and prevail in the marketplace.

Sandvine Policy Engine

The Sandvine Policy Engine is the world’s most versatile and powerful network policy control platform, and is the foundation of all Sandvine solutions. Our Policy Engine can be thought of as a black box into which information about measured conditions and provisioned subscriber entitlements flow, and out of which charging updates, management actions, and business intelligence emerge. Learn more >

SandScript Policy Language

SandScript is an event-driven policy definition language that empowers communications service providers (CSPs) to fully utilize the Sandvine Policy Engine with programmatic flexibility, without any restrictions. Learn more >

Traffic Classification

Accurate traffic identification and insightful measurements form the foundation of network business intelligence and network policy control. Without identifying and measuring the traffic flowing on their networks, CSPs are unable to craft new subscriber services, optimize shared resource utilization, and ensure correct billing and charging. Learn more >

Video Quality of Experience

Sandvine’s video QoE metric is based on measurements taken every 15 seconds, throughout the entire lifetime of a video session. As a result, there are multiple samples even for short videos, and an accurate assessment can be built of the viewer’s experience for the entire flow. Learn more >

Congestion Management with QualityGuard

QualityGuard is a closed-loop dynamic control system for network congestion management that automatically measures access resource latency in real-time and continuously works to provide the optimum output to provide good QoE to the vast majority of attached subscribers. Learn more >

Online Charging

In our architecture, the Policy Traffic Switch—our PCEF/TDF—is completely compliant with 3GPP standards, as it is connected directly, in real-time, to the online charging system (OCS). This allows for both an accurate and reliable charging solution. Learn more >


Sandvine is working hands-on with CSPs around the world, large and small, to determine, test, and implement virtualization strategies, as CSPs rely on market leaders and pioneers to provide a safe way to navigate the uncertainties of early-stage technologies. Learn more >

VoLTE Enablement

Sandvine's SDE offers CSPs the opportunity to save costs and deploy additional revenue-generating services that capitalize on the new QoS capabilities of the LTE network. Learn more >

Traffic Redirection with Sandvine Divert

Sandvine traffic redirection with Divert is a proven solution, having enabled more than 40 VAS and service function chain deployments worldwide through our Solutions Partner Ecosystem, a collaboration of partners and pre-integrated joint solutions. With Sandvine already in the network, CSPs can simply plug-and-play our ecosystem partners’ offerings to get an end-to-end solution. Learn more >

PTS Clustering

The Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) is Sandvine’s PCEF/TDF appliance, and embeds the Sandvine Policy Engine in the data plane of any access network, with any combination of access technologies. PTS clustering is a beautiful, elegant, and—above all—effective and efficient solution to the challenges imposed by routing asymmetry and the demands of massive scale. Learn more >

Network Processing Unit

The NPU is the first point of examination for incoming packets, and is dedicated to maintaining flow, session, and subscriber affinity for maximum element throughput. To maintain processor affinity, the NPU ensures that all the packets corresponding to a flow, session, and subscriber are always processed by the same policy processing unit (PPU). Learn more >

Web Browsing Quality of Experience

Sandvine’s web browsing QoE solution allows CSPs to monitor, in detail, the web browsing experience of their subscribers. The solution builds a comprehensive library of web page anatomy profiles, each associated with a web page that is either popular with subscribers or otherwise designated as important by the operator. Using these anatomy profiles, and combining with real-time measurements made as web browsing traffic flows through the network, the solution determines the time it takes to load each page. Learn more >

Deployment Versatility

Our platform offers CSPs the flexibility to deploy at practically any layer and location in the network topology. Not only does this flexibility unlock powerful use cases, but it also simplifies implementation, since the network requires no redesign to accommodate the new equipment. Learn more >

Standards & Interfaces

For CSPs looking to increase revenue, optimize capital investments, and reduce operational costs by deploying network policy control, Sandvine’s breadth of standards compliance and interface support provides many benefits. It is through standards and interfaces that our platform and solutions interact with the greater network ecosystem, and it is only by supporting such a broad range of each that we can confidently state that our network policy control solutions and platform are truly network-agnostic. Learn more >

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