Deploying Sandvine in WiFi Networks

Sandvine’s platform elements are flexible enough to give communications service providers (CSPs) many deployment options across access technologies. Sandvine as a true access-agnostic network policy control solution can be deployed across different technologies and offers operators multiple options, enhancing their deployment versatility.

In case of a WiFi network, Sandvine’s data plane element, the Policy Traffic Switch (PTS), can be deployed in different locations. The PTS can be deployed closer to the subscriber edge inline between the Access Controller and the Wireless Access Gateway, which is unique to Sandvine. This is based on the technology differentiator where the PTS has the ability to define a policy that inspects both the ‘inner-tunnel’ and ‘outer-tunnel’ in real time, the tunnel in this case being the CAPWAP.

Deploying Sandvine in WiFi - CAPWAP

The main difference between Sandvine deployment options is in what location the Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) intersects traffic; by extension, this determines what the PTS “sees” and will impact the use cases that are available. The major use cases for WiFi deployment are ensuring subscribers quality of experience over the WiFi network and redirection to a captive portal.

Deploying Sandvine in WiFi

UPDATED : 2015-03-06 09:45:20