Deploying Sandvine in DSL Networks

Sandvine’s platform elements are flexible enough to give communications service providers (CSPs) many deployment options across access technologies. Sandvine, as a true access-agnostic network policy control solution, can be deployed across different technologies and offers operators multiple options, enhancing their deployment versatility.

This flexibility is enabled by the versatility of Sandvine's platform element, the Policy Traffic Switch (PTS), which intersects data traffic. The location of the PTS in the network determines what the PTS can see and how it can impact use cases.

  • See all subscriber traffic
  • Support VLAN’s for multiple regional deployments
  • Support network policy control for MPLS, IPv4, IPv6, tunnels
  • Support a converged access network with multiple technologies
  • Subscriber mapping using RADIUS
  • Does not support VLANs

Deploying Sandvine in DSL - Edge Intersection

Click image above to view Edge Intersection


Deploying Sandvine in DSL - Core Intersection

Click image above to view Core Intersection

UPDATED : 2015-03-06 09:46:44