Deploying Sandvine in Cable Networks

Sandvine’s network policy control platform uses a two-tier distributed approach for both collection of network analytics/business intelligence and granular policy enforcement, creating a complete policy control solution for cable. The Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) and Service Delivery Engine (SDE) both include real-time policy engines working together: one in the data/bearer plane and the other in the control/domain-level plane. Together, they process the network analytics and events to make policy control decisions.

Sandvine’s platform is a holistic, open, standards-based solution that provides an integrated policy control architecture that leverages IPDR, PCMM, and network intelligence for a complete network policy control platform across DOCSIS and wireless networks. 

The key to all of this is the ability to bind the flows to the application, environment, subscriber, and entitlement and network ingress/egress ports, allowing cable operators to define and enforce flow-based policies on a per subscriber basis. The binding of this information together enables the Sandvine solution to produce a rich set of reports that can be used by network engineers for network capacity planning and business intelligence reports, and for marketers in their product planning.

The SDE includes the logical elements defined in the PCMM architecture - the PCMM Policy Server and Application Managers – making the Sandvine platform compliant and compatible with PCMM specifications. In addition to the logical elements of the PCMM architecture, the SDE includes a rich set of interfaces for the gathering of network analytics and application enablers. The SDE includes a DOCSIS IPDR collector for collection of network analytics from third party systems.

The Sandvine platform and its two-tier architecture implement a broad range of policy-based services, including usage management, fair use, and QoS control.

Sandvine’s platform for cable operators eliminates the need for building piecemeal solutions by providing a comprehensive, holistic policy control platform. The platform eliminates the need for cable operators to spend time and money integrating individual solutions from multiple operators by providing a complete, working solution today that can be easily extended to 4G wireless as needed in the future.

Subscriber Edge
  • See all subscriber traffic, even traffic that is routed locally
  • Allow counting and applying policy on relevant subscribers-to-subscribers traffic more effectively
  • Enable insertion of VAS (Caching, Video Optimization, and URL filtering)
  • More centralized and converged deployment
  • Ability to manage traffic peering with other networks
  • Miss the ability to apply policy control to all subscriber traffic

Deploying Sandvine in Cable

UPDATED : 2017-04-05 17:34:08