Deployment Versatility

Achieving Consistent Network Policy Control in Any Network

For communications service providers (CSPs) looking to gain vital business intelligence, launch innovative subscriber services, optimize traffic, and enhance securitySandvine’s platform delivers consistent network policy control in any network, regardless of the access technologies and vendors already in place. It is through standards and interfaces that our platform and solutions interact with the greater network ecosystem, and it is only by supporting such a broad range of each that we can confidently state that our network policy control solutions and platform are truly network-agnostic.

Deployment Flexibility to Fit Into Your Network

Our platform offers CSPs the flexibility to deploy at practically any layer and location in the network topology. Not only does this flexibility unlock powerful use cases, but it also simplifies implementation, since the network requires no redesign to accommodate the new equipment.

In fixed access networks, the Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) can be installed anywhere in the access network, distribution network, or network core, depending upon the deployment objectives.

In a mobile environment, the PTS can even be deployed on the Gn and IuPS interfaces.

Inspection Versatility to Achieve Your Use Cases

Our traffic classification and policy enforcement is uniquely capable of being applied both inside and outside of a tunnel simultaneously. For instance, not only is the PTS able to inspect traffic within a tunnel and apply policy based on that insight, but it is also able to apply policies based on the tunnel headers.

These capabilities unlock use cases that provide tangible benefits for CSPs. A real-world policy might call for the PTS to mark DSCP (layer 3) and VLAN headers (layer 2) with appropriate bits to differentiate and prioritize traffic on the backhaul.

We remain the only network policy control vendor for whom routing asymmetry poses no problems. Our unique clustering approach has never been duplicated, and does not suffer from the critical flaws of “state-sharing” devices, which are plagued by per unit performance degradation, inaccurate traffic identification, and policy limitations.

Performance Density that Scales

Our platform is deployed across the data plane and the control plane, and provides performance scalability both within each plane, and across the boundary between the planes. This performance scalability means that CSPs both large and small can cost-effectively enjoy the benefits of network policy control.

But scalability is only part of the story.

With CSPs worldwide looking to rein in operations costs, performance density is as important a consideration as top-line performance. Fortunately for CSPs, our platform offers the best of both worlds without sacrificing either: the Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) delivers industry-leading port and performance density combined with clustering technology that efficiently achieves massive scale.

UPDATED : 2017-04-13 15:46:43