Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Traffic Classification Technology for Meaningful Insight

For communications service providers, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology is the foundation that enables the delivery of advanced services for business intelligence and analytic use cases such as: network management, user service enablement, security functions, subscriber communications, congestion management, fair-use policies, data mining capabilities. 

Sandvine Traffic Classification for Actionable Data

Sandvine’s traffic classification is powered by DPI technology, acting as the foundation of all our network policy control and business intelligence solutions. Sandvine Traffic Classification examines Internet traffic and reads meta-information to determine the type of network traffic, the device with which it is associated, the content delivery network (CDN) from which it came, and other important characteristics which enable operators to implement and execute different network policy control use cases.

Sandvine invests the most in traffic classification and in turn has the industry's best measurements among deep packet inspection vendors. Service providers worldwide choose Sandvine for their DPI deep packet inspection solution to power business intelligence, subscriber services, traffic optimization and network security use cases to improve QoE for their most important customer, subscribers.

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Unified Network Policy Control Using Sandvine Policy Engine

The Sandvine Policy Engine is the world’s most versatile and powerful network policy control platform, and is the foundation of all Sandvine solutions. Our Policy Engine can be thought of as a black box:

  • into which information about measured conditions and provisioned subscriber entitlements flow from our traffic classification technology, and
  • out of which charging updates, management actions, and business intelligence emerge from our powerful freeform policy language, SandScript.

The Policy Engine spans both the data plane and control plane, embedded within Sandvine’s PCEF/TDF and PCRF elements, and interacts with the B/OSS plane and remote enforcement points using standard interfaces

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