Consumer awareness of poor service quality has been magnified by the applications they use. The slightest decline in service quality – whether real or perceived – is enough to trigger a customer to call the support line.   

To deliver a superior experience to consumers, operators need insights linked to the right performance and operational metrics (e.g., throughput, latency, and packet loss) as well as a complete picture of user network behavior (e.g., web browsing habits, video interests, and application popularity).

Subscriber Service Analysis provides data to answer service planning questions and uncovers service quality trends or outliers by monitoring subscriber quality of experience.  With optional, real-time customer experience views, operators can troubleshoot subscriber service quality issues, usage overages, and billing disputes.


Use Cases

Service and Subscriber Analysis
Understand the delivered QoE of individual subscribers or subscriber groups
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User Behavior and Demographic Analysis
Monetize your network better by understanding subscriber behavior and trends
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Real-Time Subscriber Insights
Proactive subscriber quality monitoring
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