Adding Application Awareness to Telecom Solutions

Application Awareness is more important than ever as a key visiiblity metric for telecom operators. Network probes, packet brokers, routers, switches, security, and WiFi solutions all can deliver greater value to telecom operator by adding application awareness to their solution portfolio

Figure 1

What applications dominate your network, and how can you monetize or control them?


NAVL removes the challenge of keeping up with the ever changing flood of applications that are added or changed on the Internet on a daily basis. Rather than investing in a separate engineering team to develop application signatures, NAVL delivers an easy to integrate software development kit that can meet your performance and scalability needs with the industry leading pure-play Deep Packet Inspection technology.

Impact and Results

With NAVL, your telecom solution can gain application awareness for use in analytics, traffic management, security, or policy use cases.

Figure 2

Extend existing or deliver new services based on application awareness

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