Differentiated billing based on traffic intelligence

Operators need to differentiate themselves with service packaging to stay ahead of the competition from Over- the-Top players. Applications need to be separated in different data buckets and counted to different quotas. At the same time, fixed and mobile networks are converging and in converged environments, an integrated solution is required to offer data packages on both 3GPP and non 3GPP networks.



Procera Subscriber Manager provides the capability to package individual services and service types, map them towards bundles and count the usage of each. As a result, highly tailored service offerings can be offered, relevant to subscribers’ needs. The Procera Real-time Enforcement engine is used to enforce the policies in any broadband network, both 3GPP compliant and those working in other standardization environments, such as cable or other fixed networks.

Impact and Results

Operators are able to bring differentiated offerings into the market with confidence, and apply the same service policies to their mobile as well as their fixed access offerings.

Figure 2

Differentiate service offerings across networks with flexible bundles based on subscriber and network intelligence.

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