Differentiated Traffic Shaping

Peering links can be one of the most challenging CAPEX costs to manage. Optimizing the use of these high value links is more important than ever and once an operator gains the insights on what traffic is running over links, use of those links can be optimized through traffic management, prioritization, caching or expanded CDN partnerships.

Procera’s PacketLogic solutions enable efficient use of existing bandwidth based on subscribers, service groups, applications, content, usage or even time of day.


Network operators need to understand where their high value subscriber traffic is coming from, what type of traffic it is, and the quality of experience their subscribers receive across those peering links. Procera’s PacketLogic peering integration capabilities provide unparalleled visibility into the activity on peering links in real time and historically helped operators make the right CDN, caching, and peering relationship decisions.

With Traffic Management strategies, Shaping Rules can be applied to specific traffic flows, managing costs and quality of the overall peering traffic.

Impact and Results

Direct return of investment by reducing peering costs, but more importantly the operators now have the ability to manage the experience of each user and balance this towards the costs.

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