Heavy User Bandwidth Management

A minority of heavy-use subscribers are using an over representative amount of the overall bandwidth available. Typically this occurs when using file-sharing applications, or other applications that create multiple TCP sessions in parallel, with the aim of gaining maximum bandwidth. The result is that capacity is unable to be allocated fairly to regular users, causing service degradation.

Figure 1

Due to different behaviours of applications network capacity is unable to be allocated fairly, causing service degradation.


Active traffic management identifies heavy users and scales down their bandwidth usage by those. A Fair usage policy is implemented based on total volume used per month, or a more immediate time interval as decided by the Operator. Capacity is distributed fairly between subscribers regardless how their applications behave.

Impact and Results

The availability of capacity for others attempting to connect is secured, only marginally impacting the experience of the heavy users. Network upgrades and associated CAPEX investments can be delayed.

Figure 2

Network upgrades and associated CAPEX investments can be delayed.

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