Insights in Customer Behavior

Network operators worldwide are looking to gain insights into the experience that they are delivering to their subscribers. Many operators are turning to Big Data solutions to gather more intelligence on what is happening on their networks. They are looking to increase revenue, reduce OPEX, increase customer loyalty through targeted offerings, enhance the overall customer experience, simplify business operations, reduce churn, reduce time to market for new services, and accelerate the creation of personalized services..

Figure 1

Real-Time access to structured data can transform an operator’s ability to engage subscribers with value- added offerings and enhanced subscriber experience


The eVolution data collection probe is deployed on COTS hardware in a fully virtualized environment supporting common virtualization and NFV technologies. The collection can take place anywhere in the network, at the edge of the network, in the core, or at the peering point, depending on the goal of the analytics. The solution provides detailed patterns of usage behaviour per individual subscriber, and will enrich this with marketing relevant contexts such as “content category”, “customer segment” and location depending on the Perspectives installed. This data is fed in real-time using industry standard formats like IPFIX to an action engine to make an up-sell proposition.

Figure 2

eVolution is empowered by Sandvine's industry- leading PacketLogic technology, including the DRDL signature database that is updated weekly.

Impact and Results

Operators are able to monetize their data and intelligence to generate new revenue through targeted offerings. eVolution can be integrated with existing OSS/BSS systems for real-time use cases and Big Data systems for historical use cases so that CEM solutions can now benefit from the best insights in the data traffic in order to truly understand customer behaviours, preferences and quality experienced.

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