Of Over-the-Top applications and services

Over the Top applications like Viber and WhatsApp are launched, creating a potential competitive threat to existing voice and sms revenues. Operators need the ability to evaluate the scale of the problem by understanding how fast the competitor’s service is growing and how real the danger is to their network and customer base.

Figure 1

How real is the OTT revenue capitalisation treat in your network?


With the Insights solution, reports are created on OTT service usage which can be translated into the real tangible impact of an OTT app on that specific network. This helps in understanding the level of threat and the OTT app’s likely acceleration on your specific network, providing far more reliable analysis of the situation than trusting public trending figures from the media.

Impact and Results

Base your business decisions on facts rather than rumours or guesswork, and change the offerings to your subscribers based on what is actually relevant to them.

Figure 2

Base your business decisions on facts rather than rumours or guesswork.

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