RAN and Location Aware Traffic Management

Access networks are typically congested at busy times of the day or week, or even permanently when network expansion is delayed or not possible due to radio frequency limitations. Random and unpredictable outages to applications are caused, without consideration for the sensitivity of the application to interruptions.

RAN and Location Aware Traffic Management


The solution is to identify the source location or cell ID for the traffic and separate High Experience traffic from Background traffic (e.g. Web surfing from Dropbox sync). A rate-limit can then be applied on how much throughput the background traffic can consume in order to allow other traffic to go through. In addition, video can be forced to downscale to a lower resolution, and VIP subscribers can be prioritized, specifically for the locations/cells affected by frequent congestion problems.

Impact and Results

This enables Operators to defer investments to upgrade or if not possible, maintain a good experience for users in identified congested/problem areas.

Figure 2

Maximize the RAN investment with Location Aware Congestion Management deployed in the core.

More Use Cases

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