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Sandvine Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Use Cases

Use Case - Customer Experience Management

Access the data you need to manage all aspects of the customer journey to increase loyalty, reduce churn, and increase revenue.

Use Case - Big Data

Make data-driven decisions with insight into key subscriber, device, and application behaviors on the network.

Use Case - Real-Time Monitoring

Get real-time visibility into network behaviors to diagnose and troubleshoot the network.

Use Case - Data Records

Find the missing pieces of your big data puzzle with a solution that delivers highly flexible and customizable data records in real-time.

Use Case - Network Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Find and diagnose issues on the network before they become larger problems with real-time visibility into network behaviors.

Use Case - Quality of Experience (QoE)

Understand factors affecting subscriber QoE including VoIP, Video, and Website QoE.

Use Case - Tethering

Discover the unique characteristics of devices that are being used to share their mobile Internet connection with other devices.

Use Case - Device Recognition

Boost your understanding of device-specific behaviors on your fixed and mobile network.

Use Case - VoLTE QoE

Gain insight into the factors affecting VoLTE QoE and understand where improvements can be made.

Sandvine Traffic Optimization

Traffic Optimization Use Cases

Use Case - Managing Congestion

Detect and respond to network congestion, acting only when and where congestion appears, to maximize quality of experience and extend infrastructure lifetime.

Use Case - Optimizing Interconnect Routing

Maximize subscriber quality of experience by routing traffic along the highest-quality network paths.

Use Case - Maximizing Subscriber QoE

Protect subscriber quality of experience when the network is congested, with precise congestion management.

Use Case - Optimizing Video Streaming

Optimize video streaming to ensure all subscribers get the same, consistently good quality of experience, and the network isn’t threatened by extreme load.

Use Case - Optimizing Transit Links

Optimize transit links by managing peaks to control costs, serving content locally whenever possible, and by prioritizing high-value traffic to maximize subscriber quality of experience when bandwidth is scarce.

Use Case - Extending Infrastructure Lifetime

Extend infrastructure lifetime to maximize return on investment with precise congestion management that protects subscriber quality of experience.

Use Case - Provisioning to Maximize QoE

Optimize capital expenditures by investing where the subscriber quality of experience will receive the largest benefit.

Use Case - Transparent Caching

Deliver content from on-deck caches, to improve subscriber quality of experience without requiring additional transit capacity.

Use Case - Video/Media Optimization

Deploy advanced media optimization solutions that improve subscriber quality of experience and introduce opportunities for monetization.

Use Case - Fair Use Policy

Achieve fair use for all subscribers through real-time management of behaviors that overload the network and degrade the experience of all customers.

Use Case - Guaranteed QoS in VoLTE Environments

Flow-based quality of service guarantees high quality of experience for VoLTE.

Sandvine Network Security

Cyber Security Use Cases

Use Case - Protecting Subscribers

Detect connected devices that are part of a botnet and notify subscribers of the infection, protecting subscribers and the network.

Use Case - URL Filtering

Quickly and cost-effectively achieve compliance with regulatory URL filtering requirements and protect subscribers from exposure to illegal content.

Use Case - Stopping Outbound Spam

Prevent outbound spam from leaving the network to avoid the costly service disruptions and reputational damage that come from being blacklisted.

Use Case - Protecting Against Botnets

Detect subscribers who have fallen prey to botnet infection, prevent outbound attacks from leveraging network resources, and defend against incoming attacks.

Use Case - Protecting Against Worms

Detect network worms and stop them in real-time to protect subscribers and network infrastructure.

Use Case - Protecting Against DoS/DDoS Attacks

Detect inbound and outbound distributed denial-of-service attacks and stop them in real-time, protecting network services and the CSP’s reputation.

Use Case - Parental Controls

Introduce parental controls as a revenue-generating value-added service or as a market differentiator.

Use Case - Monitoring Malicious Traffic in Real Time

Monitor real-time malicious traffic activity by location, subscriber and network-wide.

Sandvine Subscriber Services

Subscriber Services Use Cases

Use Case - Tiered Plans

Create personalized application bundles based on actual network behaviors that deliver price-certainty to subscribers.

Use Case - Bill Shock Prevention

Comply with regulatory commissions and protect subscribers from unexpected fees and charges through regular communication and threshold notifications.

Use Case - Machine-to-Machine

Gain insight, optimize traffic, protect the network, and deliver customized solutions for the Internet of Everything.

Use Case - Roaming Plans

Provide affordable options for traveling subscribers and protect them from unexpected roaming fees.

Use Case - Shared Usage Plans

Introduce shared plans that provide Internet connectivity for up to 10 devices, spanning multiple access technologies, on a single invoice.

Use Case - Application-Based Plans

Deliver flexibility, choice, and price-certainty on high-value applications.

Use Case - Bite-Size Mobile Internet Plans

Put the mobile Internet experience in the hands of your subscribers, enabling them to access the applications they want for as long as they want.

Use Case - Prepaid Data

Inject innovation into your prepaid services and offer choice and extreme personalization to this important, dynamic customer segment.

Use Case - Postpaid Data

Build loyalty and increase ARPU for your valuable, pay-monthly customer segment.

Use Case - Bolt-ons

Provide price-certainty to subscribers and align with segment behaviors, or appeal to short-term activities.

Use Case - Fair Use Policy

Achieve fair use for all subscribers through real-time management of behaviors that overload the network and degrade the experience of all customers.

Use Case - Parental Controls

Provide quick and seamless website blocking policies with simple setup that can be applied at the network level.

Use Case - Data Rollover

Enable subscribers to carry forward unused portions of their monthly data quota either indefinitely or for a fixed amount of time.

Use Case - Single Number Reach

Provide a single phone number to subscribers and make them reachable on any device, across any network.

Use Case - Sponsored Data Connectivity

Create partnerships with retail brands that offer promotional data connectivity to subscribers.

Sandvine Business Services

Business Services Industry Verticals

Use Case - Business Services

Provide a secure and protected Internet experience for students, faculty, and administrators.

Industry Vertical - Data Centers

Go beyond power and rack space to offer security, real-time visibility, and guaranteed SLAs to Data Center clients.

Industry Vertical - WiFi Hotspot Providers

Foster a stronger, more connected community and promote longer, more profitable visits from retail patrons.

Industry Vertical - Dorms & Barracks

Offer Internet services that are differentiated by speed, time, and volume to university dorms and army barracks.

Industry Vertical - Small & Medium Business

Take the complexity out of day-to-day IT management and focus on the true needs of the business.

Industry Vertical - Hospitality

Create a consistent, high-quality and differentiated Internet experience for your hotel guests.

Industry Vertical - Health Care

Enable health care professionals to quickly and securely access and organize the information they need.

Industry Vertical - Government & Public Sector

Establish a secure foundation for citizens and agencies to connect, interact, receive information, and deliver services.

Industry Vertical - Financial Services

Excel in the face of rapid change with the real-time visibility, protection, and network control capabilities to drive maximum return on value to clients.

Industry Vertical - Fleet Management

Secure, protect, and gain real-time visibility into QoE associated with the distribution of digital assets.

Industry Vertical - Consumer Retail

Gain insight into the retail buying process and understand browsing behaviors that happen in-store through your complimentary WiFi.

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