Video/Media Optimization

Deploy advanced media optimization solutions that improve subscriber quality of experience and introduce opportunities for monetization

Video and web content represent the majority of Internet traffic; video in particular is a driving force. Video is also incredibly sensitive to network conditions, and subscriber quality of experience can suffer when the video delivery path is long and varied or the network is in a state of congestion.

Through a proven partnership and solution integration with Openwave Mobility, enabled as part of a service function chain with our patented traffic redirection technology, Sandvine enables communications service providers (CSPs) to introduce video optimization that improves the subscriber experience on any fixed, mobile, or converged access network.

This solution works by examining and modifying video content, on-the-wire in real-time, for the target device, making sure the bitrate, resolution, codec, and other characteristics are optimized. Whether the solution is deployed simply to enhance subscriber QoE or to differentiate service plans, it is a valuable part of a CSP’s video strategy.

UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:10:09