Transit Link Optimization

Optimize transit links by managing peaks to control costs, serving content locally whenever possible, and by prioritizing high-value traffic to maximize subscriber quality of experience when bandwidth is scarce

For CSPs to contain costs, the use of transit capacity must be optimized. With many transit contracts based upon 95th percentile billing, controlling costly short-term peaks is a critical first step in achieving maximum value. Sandvine’s Traffic Management product easily achieves this goal, without sacrificing subscriber QoE or violating network neutrality guidelines.

Another strategy to limit transit costs is to serve traffic from a local transparent cache whenever possible, and Sandvine’s highly successful partnership with PeerApp makes this possible.

Finally, when transit bandwidth becomes scarce, CSPs have to ensure that the traffic being carried via these links is optimized. Sandvine’s Traffic Management product gives CSPs precise control, so that they can prioritize the traffic that is of highest-value to subscribers and ensure a high subscriber QoE even when the link becomes momentarily congested.

Routing Efficiency Dashboard - Routing Analysis Screen - By First-Hop AS
Routing Analysis: By First-Hop AS

Routing Efficiency Dashboard - Routing Analysis Screen - By Origin AS

Routing Analysis: By Origin AS
UPDATED : 2017-04-08 14:17:47