Streaming Video Optimization

Optimize video streaming to ensure all subscribers get the same, consistently good quality of experience, and the network isn’t threatened by extreme load

On mobile networks especially, even a few high-resolution video streams can threaten to disrupt the quality of experience of the rest of the users. Additionally, without management, even users watching the same stream on the same shared resource will have vastly different experiences.

By consciously managing this traffic on a per-stream basis using Sandvine’s Traffic Management product, CSPs can dramatically reduce bandwidth to protect the network from unpredictable spikes, and can also ensure all users get the same consistently good experience.

Video Quality of Experience: Requirements and Considerations for Meaningful Insight

By understanding the complexities associated with measuring video QoE from the end user perspective, CSPs will be in a position to make an informed decision on a suitable solution.

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Success Story: O2 UK Optimizes Video Quality

In August 2011, network engineers at O2 UK noticed significant traffic spikes at different times of day. These spikes showed two peaks separated by a central trough, and their sudden appearance coincided perfectly with the launch of a highly anticipated video application for a popular smartphone.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:25:39