Quality of Experience Maximization

Protect subscriber quality of experience when the network is congested, with precise congestion management

There are compelling business reasons to protect subscriber QoE: short-term quality issues incur costs for CSPs by causing spikes in helpdesk calls, while long-term quality issues lead to subscriber churn and damaged brand reputation.

Additionally, many CSPs are incorporating concepts of QoE as differentiators for premium service plans, so protecting QoE can even play an important part of a revenue generation strategy.

Truly maximizing subscriber QoE requires several different tactics, including:

Sandvine has solutions for each of these tactics, ranging from our Fairshare Traffic Management congestion solution, to providing unmatched visibility into routing efficiency and quality of experience, to enabling third-party solution partners with our patented traffic redirection technology.

Success Story: Tier-1 Mobile Provider Preserves Subscriber QoE

Network Demographics displaying 90-minute double-peak in the evening.Network engineers at a Tier-1 European mobile provider serving more than 10 million subscribers began to notice significant traffic spikes at different times of day. These spikes were characterized by two peaks and a central trough, and their sudden appearance on the network coincided perfectly with the launch of a highly anticipated video application for a popular smartphone.

Engineers used the Network Demographics reporting interface to diagnose the cause of sudden traffic spikes on the network. Subsequently, they deployed a solution comprised of a color-coded response policy, defined in the SandScript policy language, that applied per-flow rate-limiting to adaptive HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) traffic only when the traffic spikes threatened to impact other network users.

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UPDATED : 2017-08-23 15:18:46