Provisioning for Quality of Experience Maximization

Optimize capital expenditures by investing where the subscriber quality of experience will receive the largest benefit

High bandwidth does not necessarily lead to low QoE, and low QoE isn’t necessarily the result of high bandwidth, but bandwidth is frequently the main factor that CSPs consider when choosing where to expand network capacity. Unfortunately, this method leads to sub-optimal use of capital budget by causing CSPs to wastefully invest in areas of the network that are already delivering high subscriber QoE, and to erroneously miss areas that would truly benefit from expansion.

By using Sandvine’s Network Analytics to gain insight into subscriber QoE metrics per route and per network resource, CSPs can optimize timing and location of capital investments by expanding capacity where the expansion will have the largest positive impact on subscriber QoE—over time, this strategy delivers the maximum subscriber QoE per unit of investment.

QoE Visualization Heatmap
This real-life heatmap visualizes QoE across a CSP's network

Video Quality of Experience Score

This paper highlights how Sandvine provides CSPs with insight into video QoE that meets all of the requirements to measure quality from the perspective of the end viewer.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:07:06