Interconnect Routing Optimization

Maximize subscriber quality of experience by routing traffic along the highest-quality network paths

Routing Efficiency Dashboard ScreenshotNot all network routes are created equal, and the quality of experience by Internet subscribers can vary tremendously just based upon the paths that traffic takes into the network. By understanding the quality delivered by different routes, CSPs can favor paths that deliver the highest quality.

Sandvine’s Routing Efficiency Dashboard lets CSPs manage routing paths, identify high quality Autonomous Systems (AS), and gain a complete understanding of interconnect relationships.

Included within Sandvine’s Network Analytics base deployments, the Routing Efficiency Dashboard provides analytics based on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)—used by networks to establish routing between one another. With visibility into network routing behaviors, CSPs can create more efficient interconnect relationships that improve overall network quality and reduce transit costs.

Video Quality of Experience Score

This paper highlights how Sandvine provides CSPs with insight into video QoE that meets all of the requirements to measure quality from the perspective of the end viewer.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:05:35