Infrastructure Lifetime Extension

Extend infrastructure lifetime to maximize return on investment with precise congestion management that protects subscriber quality of experience

The fact is that some earlier generation access technologies will not receive additional capacity investment, but are still serving many subscribers and must continue to do so well into the future; precise congestion management extends the lifetime and utility of legacy network equipment, ensuring a positive subscriber experience until these subscribers move to a newer network generation.

Additionally, it is impossible to get to every resource to expand capacity just at the exact time that network congestion becomes a problem; precise congestion management can ‘buy time’ on these congested resources until the CSP is able to expand capacity and resolve the issue.

In either case, Sandvine’s Fairshare Traffic Management is the ideal solution: it protects subscriber QoE and enforces management policies only when and where congestion manifests, and is compliant with network neutrality guidelines and traffic management best practices.

Network Congestion Management: Considerations and Techniques

Network congestion occurs when demand for a resource exceeds that resource’s capacity. Congestion management equates to achieving cost-savings while preserving subscriber QoE. These dual objectives are often contradictory, and a balance must be struck.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:20:08