Congestion Management

Protect the subscriber experience, precisely and fairly

In the short term, network congestion leads to frustrated subscribers; in the long term, frequent congestion leads to churn.

We have the industry’s most precise congestion management solution – policies only kick in when and where they are needed – so you can keep your subscribers happy when congestion appears.

Sandvine has two complementary products that protect the subscriber experience during times of congestion. Alone, either is effective; together, they are unmatched.

Network Congestion Management: Considerations and Techniques

Network congestion occurs when demand for a resource exceeds that resource’s capacity. Congestion management equates to achieving cost-savings while preserving subscriber QoE. These dual objectives are often contradictory, and a balance must be struck.

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Traffic Management includes:

  • Technology, QualityGuard, that detects network congestion in real-time, by measuring the quality of experience delivered by every network link
  • Management policies that are triggered only when and where congestion appears, and that protect high-value traffic to maximize subscriber QoE
  • Detailed network business intelligence reporting to show when and where congestion management policies were applied, and to monitor all network resources for trending that indicates when congestion will start to appear

TCP Accelerator makes TCP work better in today’s networks. Specifically relating to congestion management, TCP Accelerator reduces effective latency by preventing bufferbloat in access network resources.

Success Story: Cable Bahamas Uses Sandvine to Plan Capacity

To accurately plan out the future capacity required to accommodate new service speeds, Cable Bahamas relied on Sandvine Business Intelligence to understand subscriber and network bandwidth usage trends.

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