Value-Added Services

Introduce additional services including parental controls, cyber security, and more

Value-added services (VAS) can take many forms, and deliver value above-and-beyond what a subscriber gets from a typical data subscription. For CSPs, these services can grow revenue and increase subscriber loyalty and market differentiation.

Common value-added services include parental controls and cyber security (e.g., a range of subscriber protection options) services, although they can extend beyond security and into realms including quality of service guarantees and subscriber engagement options.

Sandvine helps you deliver VAS to your subscribers, either directly on our platform or by enabling third-parties via our patented traffic divert interface.

Success Story: C Spire Wireless Adds More Value to Their Wireless Services

In 2013, C Spire began to offer free adult content filtering as a value-add so that customers could better manage access on their wireless devices. This opt-in service is enabled by Sandvine’s patented traffic redirection technology.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:49:18