Sponsored Data

Create partnerships with retail brands that offer promotional data connectivity to subscribers

If you are a communications service provider (CSP) struggling with low data adoption, a perception of ‘everyone is the same’ from your customers, high churn, or other revenue-impacting market conditions, sponsored data connectivity might just be the service creation boost your business needs.

In this business model, instead of an Internet user paying for the data associated with a certain website or device, a third-party does so on their behalf. With sponsored data, data usage doesn’t count against existing usage-based billing quotas, so subscribers with a subscription plan get free usage and subscribers who lack even a basic subscription can gain completely free access if they purchase a sponsored device or product.

Sponsored data has the potential to create a win-win-win scenario for subscribers, CSPs, and content providers alike: subscribers benefit from free data access, mobile operators still get paid for the Internet connection they deliver, and the sponsor gains in some way, most commonly through advertising impressions or service usage.

Enabled by Sandvine’s Expertise

From the CSP’s perspective, sponsored data connectivity requires a traffic classification and charging system that can cope with the myriad of services using the network. Even in simple implementations, the device and service combinations alone could overwhelm systems designed for a simpler environment, so network providers must plan ahead and ask their vendors some tough questions.

Sandvine offers a complete sponsored data solution that:

  • Identifies traffic and measures its usage to provide data metering
  • Manages (e.g., prioritizing or protecting) sponsored data traffic according to regulations and market requirements
  • Can display in-browser watermarks for advertising impressions (e.g., “This free WiFi connection is provided by…”)
  • Enables delivery of billing records to the third-party sponsor in support of big data and customer experience management initiatives

Success Story: Vox Telecom Gives A Million Reasons For Subscribers to be Happy

When a consumer in South Africa walks into a Makro store to look at TVs, they can’t help but notice a great promotion: buy any Samsung smart TV and receive one million megabytes on Vox Telecom’s Fat Pipe ADSL service.

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Success Story: I-New Enables weex to Share a Data Plan

Enabling sponsored data is a great way for operators to stand out from the competition and create win-win scenarios for advertisers and customers. When a new customer signs up with weex, they receive 3 free months of WhatsApp, Line, and Telegram. Coca-Cola also provides free access to the FM Coke and Sprite apps for 30 minutes a day.

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Zero-Rating and Sponsored Data under Net Neutrality

Sandvine’s solutions have powered innovative subscriber plans featuring zero-rating and sponsored data in emerging, global markets for years. Now, similar plans are starting to appear in North America. But how can you implement those plans successfully within regional concepts of Network Neutrality?

In this session, you will learn:

  • Best practices for zero-rating
  • Best practices for sponsored data
  • How to innovate within the spirit of Network Neutrality
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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 10:49:03