Single Sign-On

Create a great subscriber experience with network-wide single sign-on recognition

Many use cases require validating a subscriber’s identity anywhere in the network—from TV Everywhere services, to enabling third-party services, to simplifying the WiFi experience.

The Sandvine platform is inherently subscriber-aware, and communications service providers (CSPs) can tap into that knowledge to enable advanced identity services.

For instance, a subscriber can register his or her devices with a CSP’s WiFi network in one part of the country, and then have those devices automatically sign on to the WiFi network upon arrival in another part of the country.

Other vendors might offer similar functionality by means of HTTP header enrichment, but that approach has been shown to be a security risk and creates the potential for backlash from subscribers and regulators alike.

The Sandvine platform delivers superior functionality without introducing security risks, by use of a carrier-grade API.

UPDATED : 2017-04-08 14:32:14