Shared Data Services

Build services that share data between family members, devices, and device radios

Shared Data ServicesServices that share data between multiple participants are great for subscribers and communications service providers (CSPs) alike: these services grow revenue in a ‘snowball’ effect, because there is incentive to keep signing up more people and devices; they increase loyalty, because a churn decision becomes more involved; and they increase subscriber satisfaction by better catering to individual and group needs.

Shared data services come in several forms:

  • Family plans, in which devices from several individuals draw upon the same data plan
  • Multi-device plans, in which a single user shares data between multiple devices
  • Multi-radio plans, in which a data quota is shared across services on different radios (e.g., EVDO and LTE)

Whatever the exact form you choose, implementing shared data services requires a platform that monitors usage across many devices, users, and access networks simultaneously, that reports data usage in real-time to charging systems, and that enforces policy actions when required.

Sandvine’s Usage Management product, running on our universal policy control platform, provides you with everything you need.

Success Story: GCI Delivers Shared Usage Plans

GCI successfully competes in a crowded marketplace by consistently being the first to market with new subscriber services. In this example, GCI used Sandvine’s Quota Manager to create group shared plans that provide mobile data access for up to ten members across any combination of mobile device.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-13 14:50:21