Prepaid Data Packs

Inject innovation into your prepaid services and offer choice and extreme personalization to this important, dynamic customer segment

Brilliantly simple, “pay-as-you-go” data/prepaid mobile Internet plans provide customers with choice, flexibility, and cost certainty in only paying for the data that is used. The types of services that are available to prepaid mobile subscribers typically fall within the range of volume-based, time-based, device-based, or a combination of these factors for a fixed price.

Time based offerings are particularly popular as the value received by the subscriber is well understood. For the subscriber, plans that are marketed by the kilobyte (KB), megabyte (MB), or gigabyte (GB) create confusion as it’s difficult for the subscriber to quantify the value: how many pictures can I upload in 50MB, how many YouTube videos can I watch before my quota is exhausted, or how many hours of spotify can I listen to before I completely deplete my quota?

Sandvine’s solutions allow you to rapidly introduce new subscriber services perfect for your prepaid subscribers, including:

With over 100 billing and charging deployments worldwide, many of them mobile customers, Sandvine has extensive experience in the realm of enabling mobile CSPs to deliver innovative prepaid data services.

Success Story: Econet Knows Exactly How to Delight Their Customers

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe introduced fixed-price bundles that let subscribers use as much WhatsApp as they want per month, per week, and even per day. Subscribers can share photos, videos, voice notes, locations, and files on their favorite application—with no cost surprises.

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Success Story: Smart Communications Gets Mobile Customers Using Data

For many mobile subscribers, volume-based data charging isn‘t easy to understand. For Smart Communications, this meant that many of their customers weren’t using mobile data at all. Instead, they would jump between WiFi hotspots.

By introducing convenient, affordable, bite-size and time-based specific plans, Smart tapped into a new revenue stream by getting millions of subscribers to start using data.

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Building a Mobile Internet Services "Vending Machine"

Join Sandvine and innovative mobile operators Econet Wireless from Zimbabwe and SMART Communications from the Philippines to discuss how bite-sized Internet plans are transforming prepaid markets, and how a simple smartphone app makes purchasing and personalizing mobile data plans as simple as using a vending machine.

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