Postpaid Services

Build loyalty and increase ARPU for your valuable, pay-monthly customer segment

How subscribers choose to pay for their mobile Internet experience can vary widely from region-to-region and segment-to-segment. In many developed areas of the world, where telecommunications services (fixed, mobile, and even traditional voice) have been widely adopted for quite some time, pay-monthly or postpaid services are very common.

The challenge now for communications service providers (CSPs) with a high concentration of postpaid subscribers is how to sustain customer loyalty within this traditionally profitable segment, while at the same time attracting new subscribers to the network and increasing overall ARPU.

Success Story: Vox Telecom Sets the Gaming World on Fire

Gamers hotly anticipated the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, with many pre-ordering months in advance. Those who pre-ordered from Look & Listen, a local retailer, received a unique code; when entered into a Vox Telecom portal, this code instantly upgraded the gamers to Vox’s Wildfire ADSL service for a month and gave each 40 GB of free data.

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The main focus for CSPs who rely on postpaid subscriptions is on customer retention: how to keep the subscribers that have already signed up?

The answer is usually a combination of ensuring a high subscriber quality of experience, and of continually refining and evolving the postpaid services (e.g., by introducing data rollover, by offering sponsored data options, by creating fun promotions) to offer sufficient incentive for a subscriber to stay.

Success Story: GCI Delivers Shared Usage Plans

GCI successfully competes in a crowded marketplace by consistently being the first to market with new subscriber services. In this example, GCI used Sandvine’s Quota Manager to create group shared plans that provide mobile data access for up to ten members across any combination of mobile device.

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Success Story: Vox Telecom Gives A Million Reasons For Subscribers to be Happy

When a consumer in South Africa walks into a Makro store to look at TVs, they can’t help but notice a great promotion: buy any Samsung smart TV and receive one million megabytes on Vox Telecom’s Fat Pipe ADSL service.

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