Internet of Things (IoT)

Gain insight, optimize traffic, protect the network, and deliver customized solutions for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) means that more and more devices are being connected to the world’s broadband networks. This new era of mobile technology is ushering in a wide variety of new machine-to-machine-based (M2M) use cases, from connected sprinklers, thermostats, garage doors, vehicles, and broad industry solutions like fleet management and connected healthcare. 

Moving beyond providing simple connectivity for IoT devices, mobile operators now need to deliver a more complete solution that meets the demands created by the consumer, business, and automotive IoT verticals. A complete solution includes: providing access and insight into M2M device performance, usage, and trends; enhancing security of the IoT network; and providing usage- and time-based plans that more closely align with the unique needs of M2M devices in the IoT space.

Some very basic examples of current IoT use cases include:

  • The Connected Home: fridges, stoves, smoke alarms, and thermostats that can all connect to the Internet and be managed remotely
  • Fleet Management: shared data quota, protection against SIM theft, and broadband throughput controls to efficiently send telemetry and location information back to head office
  • Connected Car: delivering on the ‘Infotainment’ experience in vehicles by connecting your car’s dashboard to Google Maps and Foursquare, sending maintenance information to your dealer, and sending information of your driving habits to your insurance provider

Delivering ‘Infotainment’ to the connected car is a very recent—yet very popular—area of interest for communications service providers (CSPs). With the ability to handle multiple quota wheels simultaneously and manage included application usage for multiple M2M plans in real-time, Sandvine’s Quota Manager is delivering innovative, high-value subscriber services directly to the dashboard of today’s connected car.

Example of Sandvine powering a connected car

UPDATED : 2017-04-13 11:49:42