Data Rollover

Enable subscribers to carry forward unused portions of their monthly data quota either indefinitely or for a fixed amount of time

Vox Telecom - Data Rollover ScreenshotCommunications service providers (CSPs) continue to push the service creation envelope in an effort maximize subscriber loyalty, revenue, and achieve competitive differentiation. Prior to the mass adoption of data connectivity on today’s modern networks, a common example of legacy service creation that operators introduced (especially in mobile networks) was “rollover voice minutes”. With rollover voice options, the subscriber was able to carry-forward unused portions of their monthly voice minute quota to future months, indefinitely, until the user’s contract with the CSP expires or is terminated.

Rollover voice minute options were extremely successful for early mobile operators in stimulating loyalty with subscribers, as the likelihood of leaving for a competitor with a ‘bank’ of unused voice minutes was highly unlikely.

On today’s modern broadband networks, rollover options are beginning to re-emerge in the form of “data rollover” services on fixed and mobile networks. Data rollover enables CSPs like Vox Telecom and C-Spire Wireless to increase subscriber loyalty, stickiness, create differentiation and happier, more satisfied subscribers simply by allowing the user to carry forward unused portions of data from their monthly quota, as long as they remain a customer.

With Sandvine’s Usage Management product, CSPs can supercharge their service creation capabilities to offer data rollover plans, as well as solutions that include time-based plans or bolt-ons, bill shock prevention, shared usage plans, roaming plans, and other data bundles.

Success Story: Vox Telecom Rolling in Service Innovation

Vox Telecom leveraged Sandvine to become one of the first operators in the world to successfully launch data rollover services in an effort to increase subscriber loyalty and stickiness while creating competitive differentiation, simply by allowing their users to carry forward unused portions of data from their monthly quota.

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UPDATED : 2017-04-08 14:34:09